9 year old daughters dream

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9 year old daughters dream

Post by bekah on Thu Dec 11, 2014 7:41 am

Hello to all!!
My daughter has recently informed me of various dreams she has had(walking with Jesus, visiting heaven, angels and so on. I will post her visits later.) This particular dream took place in a church. We were sitting casually watching a Christmas play. (Not many ppl were there) An older gentleman came up to my husband and gave him a million dollars and a newborn baby girl. My husband turned to say thanks but the guy was gone.(  My daughter says he was an angel.)  We were really happy about being given these things. Then we left and came home. We then bought a new car (Cadillac suv)  and headed to Texas.(we have been planning to move to Texas for years now.)  

I wanted to say that none of the things things we received in the dream were strange as God has already promised both (finances and adoption. )

What does this mean?

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