recurrent dreams of other women with husband

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recurrent dreams of other women with husband

Post by InHim on Wed Jan 14, 2009 11:49 pm

Over the past few years I have had vivid dreams of my husband with other women, they are never in an intimate situation but somehow these women would declare by action or words that they have a relationship with him and he would not say anything. The most recent one, I was looking for him and later looked through my neighbors open door and saw him standing naked next to my neighbor. It semed like they were both attending to a baby even thogh I don't remember seeing the baby, that was my understanding. I stormed in though the door demanding what he was doing there naked. I didn't talk to my neighbor, I think she left the room, I told my husband that I was going after her to ask why she did this, he seemed more concerned about me picking a fight with my neighbor than answering my question. I walked out of the room detemined to find my neighbor and ask her what her version of the story was. My husband then ran to my neighbor's bed and snuggled into a corner, covered himself with blankets while yelling at me to leave my neighbor alone and not say anything to her, he even used words that I know he wouldn't use in real life. I woke up and told him the dream and he was very uncomfortable with it but didn't say much. Each of the women in these dreams have on thing in common, They all represent women that I feel superior to. I know that sounds horrible and I am confessing that to Him as a sin and asking for help to change. My marriage has been a very trying one but it is my greatest blessing, I have come to know my Father more and see His love in a wonderful way.

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