Husband Has a Tiger at Home

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Husband Has a Tiger at Home

Post by writer4him on Sun Dec 07, 2014 11:45 pm

I was walking through our town home's first floor and entered the kitchen to find a large tiger there.  It was obviously hungry but seemed unaware of my presence.  I realized that the tiger was hungry and somehow I knew it had not been fed for about a day or so.  Backing out of the kitchen, I quickly headed for the stairs.  

I found my husband in his room and told him about the tiger needing to be fed.  I told him I was concerned that one of the kids would get up during the night and encounter this hungry animal in the dark.  He climbed out of bed and mumbled something like, 'Oh yeah, I have to finish what I started.'  

I followed him part of the way downstairs and watched him take raw meat out of the fridge and begin chopping it up.  I am not normally squeamish in the kitchen but watching him go at that pile of meat with a cleaver was troubling to me.  He lured the tiger into a crate that was too small; apparently it was a dog crate.  I was doubtful it was the proper way to contain such a large, dangerous animal.  

I left to go check on the kids and nearly all were safely in their rooms.  I went to my room and got into bed but my 18-year-old daughter came in a short time later talking on the telephone.  She even climbed into bed beside me and just kept chattering away. I was so irritated because she was behaving like I wasn't there.  

When I woke up, she really was in the room with me chattering away on MY phone at 1 a.m.  sigh

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