I Don't Even Know How Exactly To Describe This Dream It Was So Bizarre

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I Don't Even Know How Exactly To Describe This Dream It Was So Bizarre

Post by v3ryan on Wed Dec 03, 2014 11:46 pm

I had a remarkably and abnormally strange dream last night, that kind of left me feeling creeped out. It didn't jolt me awake in fear, but it left me feeling unsettled as I thought about the dream after awaking.

I dreamt I was watching a movie, and the movie was called "Bellevue, Ontario". I looked up the town name after awakening. In punching in "Bellevue Ontario" into Google I discover the town really exists, but is part of a place under a different name, Kawartha Lakes. As for how I knew about the town in real life I may have heard about it, but was not conciously aware of it.

In the dream, I watched this horror movie, although it initially started out as more of a bizarre comedy that gradually had some gory elements. It was a type of movie which I wouldn't normally watch, and the goryness was actually just out of sight, but it was the type of movie that would be typical of a Hollywood horror comedy. (Near the beginning at least) Things in the movie included these two street cleaners. One guy ended up urinating in this box, the other guy urinated on the ground next to someone who was watering the ground. There was this guy who was operating this high-pressure hose, but he put his male genitalia inside this pressure hose, but it had cut off that genitalia.

Fast forward there was this unusual event that was happening in which the very tips of objects around town were being removed, for example: The upper parts near the mouth of beer bottles, top tips of pizzas, (almost like someone took a bite out of it), even ordinary materials, like plastic objects had tips removed from certain corners. As I sit here typing this, it suddenly occurs to me that an accurate description would be that it is almost like common everyday objects are being "circumcised". It wasn't long however before the whole town noticed there were very strange things happening, as this phenomenon was all over the place. The people started to get upset, but they found out, that this was not just happening within the borders of Bellevue, but this was happening outside. This was happening on a National scale. At one point in the dream, everyone was told to remain indoors, because there were certain health risks. (Specifically the guy with the beer bottle tops cut off posed a risk as the tops were now very sharp, as the glass was not broken off evenly. People had been risking their safetly by drinking out of these broken bottles.

At one point this one guy came out and told everyone to stay in their homes, and what happened was at one point in the dream even the military was called in, and they were going to bring the military into town using this type of railway which was used in this type of national emergency.

The last part of the dream involved me being a part of it. Presumably after I had watched a movie of these events unfolding. I was driving down this highway and I passed the actual Bellevue, notably this abandoned motel, which was now completly abandoned and devoid of population. The rest of the country seemed ok, and unphased by what had happened, but this town had long been abandoned since this very strange event in which the culprits were not caught, in which, as I remembered it worded, "A third of random objects had been removed" or something like that (As in vandalized with the tips removed)

I had no idea what this dream was about. Some kind of event? I know the Bible talks about a third of the sun, moon, and stars being struck, I wondered if there was a connection. Anyone have any thoughts? Thank you and God Bless. :)

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