Desperately Seeking Direction

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Desperately Seeking Direction

Post by hizway on Wed Dec 03, 2014 9:54 pm

A bit of background: I had two dreams on two consecutive nights that involve an at-risk baby girl and a two year old girl in danger. Both children had single mothers. I was a single mother to a son and I've been burdened by an 8-year old girl in DC whose single mother with a live-in boyfriend, literally handed her over to their homeless shelter's 56-year old janitor in March and she was last seen in a hotel surveillance video with him. Also been heavily burdened by the 276 Christian girls kidnapped by muslim extremists in Nigeria and forced to convert to Islam and subjected to all kinds of horrors.

1st Dream:
By the time I joined the dream, I was in a brightly lit huge room and holding a cuddly, cheerful, beautiful baby girl in my arm. It was winter and the mother had the baby somewhat exposed and I got clothes and dressed the baby up warm. Her mother and teenage brother seemed to be doing some packing to move and I felt responsible and guilty that I could not provide a shelter for this happy baby as she was looking in my eyes talking baby talk to me. What I knew in the dream was that this mother was hiding from social services because they were going to separate her and her children since she could not afford a home and lived out in the cold. She finished loading the car and I was reluctant to release the baby but had to and she placed the baby in the trunk of the car and I awoke in tears.

2nd Dream:
It was nighttime and I was with a group of filmmakers and we were all making our individual films. Some men in the group were anticipating a fight brewing and collected to strategize on how to avert it. Outside was a bathtub and a single mum was filling it up with water and soap and she was starting to bathe her toddler daughter when an armed man pressed a loaded gun to her side and was threatening her. Her daughter looked on covered in soap. The man turned to the little girl and her mum began to plead desperately. The went to the tub and released all the water. The drain was a large hole that the baby could easily slip through but she was at the opposite end on the tub as the water drained and she did not flow with the water or twitch, she looked frightened and unsure but she did not utter a word. All this while i was terrified and prayed he did not touch her. The he dragged her mum away. I decided to go and get the get and look after her. As I was making my way out, a herd of women dressed in traditional African attire trooped into the hall and they seemed endless. My attention remained on the girl and as these women were filling up the hall, I told them to go into the inner part of the hall. I just wanted to get this innocent little girl. I woke up sad for her.

I feel these dreams could be related but please help me if you feel led to interpret it. Please help if you can. Thanks and god bless. In the meantime, I'll pray about it.

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