Help needed with the symbols...thank you and God bless you all!!

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Help needed with the symbols...thank you and God bless you all!!

Post by Hector70 on Mon Dec 01, 2014 6:28 pm

The dream is about a lady I know(not personally) her name is Elizabeth. This the second time I have dreamed about her and in both dreams, I felt like she wanted me to pursue her. Another thing that I felt through out this dream was the number 5. I did not see it or said it... I just felt it.

So here it is....(excuse me writing skills) 😁.

There where 3 of us ...the other person was another man. He was well build, grey white hair and although he was old; he did not look it at all(only the grey hair gave it away)..he had a youthfulness about him also.

Elizabeth was talking to me and she was trying to convince me to purse her. Not in those actual words, but in away she  was engaging me to find out more about her. The man was sort of standing to the side of us, almost like he was her bodyguard or something...he just listen to the conversation. This went on for awhile; just talking.
Next thing I know, we where in a car. The gentleman was driving ; Elizabeth  on the passenger seat and I was in the backseat. It was a sedan, really nice car with cream color leather seat and the car I believe was like a Forrest Green color.  Elizabeth kinda turned around and began to tell me about 3 classes that where coming up and no one knew about them yet; she stated that they where very special classes and that they will filling really quickly once you made them publicly known. She asked me if I wanted to attend them and as I sat there thinking about it... She told me don't worry about the prices, I am going to give special prices( you knew that my financial situation wasn't that hot😁) So, the first class you gave the price of .90 cents, second class Free and third class $20.00 dollars. She asked me if it was doable? ... And I said yes. She smiled and that was the dream.
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Re: Help needed with the symbols...thank you and God bless you all!!

Post by Glad on Mon Dec 29, 2014 6:22 pm

Hi Hector, what does Elizabeth represent for you?
This being just a thought, but wondering if Elizabeth or what she represents, is going to be something that with wisdom you can apply to your life?

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