Usual dreams of babies & my son

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Usual dreams of babies & my son

Post by Priyar on Thu Nov 13, 2014 1:17 am

Hi there,

I need some assistance please. I have been having numerous dreams recently (over 2 weeks).

Recently my brother and wife, lost their baby girl. she was due in August, however, a few days before her birth she passed away in my sister in law womb. Her name was Phillipa.

After the passing of the baby, i had a dream of a person names Christopher, telling me he has an important message for my sister in law. In my dream he was telling me to tell her he loves her very much and everything is going to be ok. Then he made me write a word "Regal". I have no idea what them means. When i called my sister in law to tell her about my dream, she said to me, she had a cousin named Christopher, but he passed away a while ago.

I having been having alot of dreams of babies. I did not have them, but the people who had the babies, where people i knew. However, whenever i want to carry or hold the baby, the baby passes on before i can hold it.

Last night was differnt, i dreamt that there was a beautiful baby girl, when i wanted to hold her, the mother did something to the baby and she passed. I went outside for a while, and when i came back, my mum was sitting on the bed next to the baby, and she told me i was too late.

When i picked the baby up, her eyes opened, she was alive. I was holding and kissing her and hugging her.

Another strange dream, my granny passed away about 3 years ago - but she wasnt a beliver - she died not knowing Jesus. When she just passed, i had a dream of her holding a little girls hand. When i asked her who is this beautiful little girl and where are you going, she said to me, she was going for her "funeral".

Also, he came into my dream recently, and told me to look after my son and anoint him daily, cause the devil wants to destroy him and when he grows up he will become a Preacher i must protect him by anointing him.

Please help me, i am so confused, i dont know what all of this mean. its really taking its toll on me :(.

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