Wolf Attack

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Wolf Attack

Post by Ann_100 on Sat Nov 08, 2014 5:44 pm

I was in the forest standing under a tall tree, all the tress around me was so tall that I could only see their trunks. Wolfs started running towards me some from in front and from behind. I felt protected under the tree I was under. A wolf appeared at the edge of the forest and ran towards me. I kicked it back to the edge of the forest just in time to kick another approaching me from behind. Then I kicked that one to the back edge of the forest. This went on for a bit until I lost my momentum and lost my footing and the wolf coming at me from in front lunged at me. Just before it jumped on me I commanded it to stop and my thoughts forced it back to the edge of the forest. As I looked behind me I saw that the wolf was no longer running by itself but it was with it's owner so I was no longer afraid of it but was ready to confront its owner. I awoke. What does this mean. I had this dream on my birthday this year January. I know it has to do with spiritual warfare.

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