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Post by glolaw on Wed Jan 14, 2009 12:35 pm

I had this dream a few nights ago:

I was in this room with a few other people, and it seemed we were all waiting to be prophesied on by this person who was seated outside. I was anxious for my turn to come. It also seemed that it took a while for my turn so i decided to go take a shower. As i was about to shower, now already in my towel, i had a phone call on my cell which i received outside. It was a very short conversation. Just then, i was summoned by someone to come sit so i could be prophesied on. I realized a person i know was sitting next to me. A man walked up and said some things and we had to repeat after him, then he left and so did the person i knew.

Now i'm alone with the prophet person; but realized that the aura was negative; it seemed more like a new age sootsayer. I gave my hand and the person ran her fingers from the base of my palm to the tip of each of my fingers. When she was done, she had this startled look on her face and says "Your hand is clean". After realizing this, she places my hand on the table and takes a stone and starts banging my hand. I was scared, i then started chanting "Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus...." till i woke up.

Love in Christ,


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