Being bitten by a rattlesnake

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Being bitten by a rattlesnake

Post by Destine on Fri Nov 07, 2014 6:14 am

I am in my room packing my clothes. My mom comes in and she looks concerned. She says "Your grandmother just died." I start to cry as she puts her hand on my shoulder. The next day we go out go prepare for the funeral. I see one of our Pastors. "I am so sorry about your loss. I called you but I got your machine "

She gives us a hug and tells us to contact her. If we need any help during this time. Later on in the day, we go to our dealership to trade our car in. The sales man is very odd acting, he won't look my Dad in the eye. When my dad leaves for the restroom, the car sales man goes on about how great this car is. We end up buying the vehicle, when we get home I go on a walk. As usual, I tell everyone where I am going.

I take my cell phone, and leave. It's not dark outside, there's another family walking as well. Out of no where, a man with his two kids start running ahead of me. Then, the man throws a rattlesnake in the road. I try to get away from it, but it bites me on the heel.
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