Fiance's father that died

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Fiance's father that died

Post by unaday* on Wed Jan 14, 2009 8:31 am

I had another dream last night that I was in my brother's room with my fiancé, his sister, his mother and my brother.

Then his father came in the room (his father died in 1992). We were all amazed to see him and knew that he was dead. They were like is this really you. He said yes it’s me! He laughed and he smiled. My fiancé’s sister poked him to see if he was real and so did I and he reconfirmed it. Now it was just me, my fiancé’s sister and mother in the room with his father. In the dream he was 72 years old..that is the age he would have been if he was still alive. I said to his father you are just like my fiancé- you smile and laugh like him. He said yes he is. He said to me that my fiancé will remain this type of man even as he grows old. Then he laughs and said he may put on a few pounds here and there but he will remain the same man. I just loved his father. During this my fiancé mother sat at the head of the bed with a peaceful smile. Then his father got quiet and went and lied on the bed. He said it’s time for me to go now. I went out in the hall and called for my fiancé and my brother to come back up in the room. He said it again lying on the bed. It’s time for me go now. I called them again! They ran up the stairs and came in the room. I turned to my fiancé and said your father is going now. Sad Tears welled up in my fiancé’s eyes and he ran out of the room. I chased after him. He went into my parents room I could feel his mourning. He broke down in tears and I hugged him, trying my hardest not to cry.

I jumped out of my sleep and heard in my spirit. Your fiancé’s father came to give his stamp of approval.

(writing this I just remembered that his father died at home in his bed one night with his sister and his mother by his side while he passed on)


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