Good dream and then the opposite happens - coincidence or enemy?

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Good dream and then the opposite happens - coincidence or enemy?

Post by Stephanie44 on Wed Oct 29, 2014 6:20 pm

I recently had the disturbing experience where I had not heard back for months about a project I had (so I thought) turned in the last draft of. One night I dreamed that I heard back from my supervisor and he said, "Yes, this is the final draft." Then a while later in real life I received a phone call and he was - much to my surprise - pretty unhappy with my work, which he had initially thought was really good, and apparently deemed better than I had ever thought it was. So it was quite a surprise that he seemed to have changed his view. He is going to require a significant amount more work from me in order to get it up to par - exactly the opposite of what I dreamed.

The dream seems almost too specific to be a coincidence, and the reason it disturbs me so much is that I have banked a lot on other good / comforting dreams that I may never know for sure if they come true or not in real life - such as dreams about people's salvation. (And actually, my comforting dreams have more of a track record of coming true). I understand that this one could have just been from my own thoughts, but could it have been the enemy lying to me? And if so, how can I know that ANY good dream isn't the devil lying to me? If there is a dream that is good and comforting and I will never see it come true or verifiably not come true in my life, how can I be comforted by it?

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