A vision in a dream of death

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A vision in a dream of death

Post by Fleur on Mon Oct 27, 2014 5:37 am

sorry if this is so long. but my dreams are normally long and detailed. I remember specific things in my dreams so I feel it's important to note it.

I was in a car with a friend her name is Chantel and her little daughter (I have a old school friend Chantel who I haven't seen in decades) but the person in the dream had this name but did not look like her. We had an outing in her red vw car and she dropped me off afterwards at home. as I walked up the stairs I looked back and saw the vision of her car being squashed by something and literally flattening it!
I didn't say anything to her and smiled and waved goodbye. the dream then jumps to me sleeping. I get a call on my mobile and it's 4am. I answer the phone and the man confirms my name, he is a doctor. I repeated 3 times "please don't tell me she's deadx3" and he said "I'm sorry but she is dead , both of them died in a car crash" I cry bitterly as I think I could have warned her, and go to the bathroom.
After using the loo, I wiped with tissue and I saw bright red blood on the tissue. I immediately thought of the number 28.
It was then morning and I prepared myself and told my husband I have to do something.
I went to Chantel's house and took it upon myself to prepare her funeral and to see to her household , it was empty and I was alone. but Chantel's father (who I have never met, but he had grey hair) comes in , he is rude and abrupt with me and all I'm doing is trying to help. I felt I deserved he's rudeness because he's daughter was dead.
it is now the funeral however I am wearing a long white cotton dress, over the chest section it is wrapped across in style. I could not walk as I was grief stricken. I had a bunch of ladies holding me up.
I walked and wailed , they guided me up some stairs and there was a few men standing on the stairs just looking on. one man's face was clear he is a work colleague of mine I have never dreamt of him before. I looked at him and cried some more.
2 flights of stairs twirling up, wearing this white dress to Chantel's funeral, balling my eyes out as I saw the vision but did not warn her and now she and her daughter were dead. I then woke up.

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