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cleaning house

Post by jaenmari on Mon Oct 27, 2014 5:08 am

Hi guys.

I had 3 dreams last night. I woke up between the three.

In the first dream i am living in a house that i've not seen before, but i felt as though i've been living in it for a while. The Backyard had a low wall that you can see into the neighbours' yard. Inside the neighbours' yard people are swimming in the pool. I know these people as they are part of our church. As i'm going outside into the backyard they keep encouraging me to come swimming with them. I tell them that i'll come a bit later as i'm still busy inside the house. Then i go back into the house and i start sweeping this one entertainment area in the house. i keep sweeping in the corners because there are little heaps of sand in the corners that seem to be stuck there. And i'm trying to get it super clean. then i woke up before i could finish.

Dream 2:

I go to someone else's house. I am not familliar with the owners of the house. These are two women that i have never met. i walk straight into the kitchen. Everything in this kitchen is so extremely clean and white. it is shiny and spotless. this gets my attention immediately. As i go around the corner into the rest of the kitchen i notice that these cupboards aren't so white and clean. They have yellow stains on them like really old cupboards. Then i wake up again.

Dream 3:

I am in my house that i am currently living in now. i hear voices shouting from next door. AS i look out the window i see that there are men invading the house and attacking the owners, but they look like they are attacking the whole neighbourhood house by house. so i try hiding in the corridor behind the front door as there are no windows there and no one will be able to see me. but then i hear voices coming from my living room and these men have somehow entered from there (there are no doors there, only windows) and are walking through my house. So, i stoop as low as I can sitting as still as I can as not to attract any attention. i then look to my right and one of the men has entered the hallway. He looks around and sees me and i try to smile and be nice at least being scare out of my witts. And then i wake up again.

Any thoughts? really no idea what this could relate to...

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