Series of Dreams Since July

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Series of Dreams Since July

Post by judgehopkins on Fri Oct 17, 2014 7:50 am

In the past, about 3+ years ago, I found myself having a series of dreams that led forth to one of the
most difficult periods of times in my life. I made it through this with much difficulty. Through this I also
found myself on opposite sides of the country, separated from the familiar by both time and space, encountering people from my home in large cities when the statistics weighed heavily against the encounter.

After several years of quiet, in January of this year, I was once again 1000 miles from home with a friend when in downtown Key West I encountered an acquaintance on Duval Street. This occurrence is almost identical in form to that encountered in 2010/2011.

At one point I had a dream of the Still and Quiet Voice speaking the name of a coworker. The image was of a happy gentleman, the followed by a woman delivering a child. Then a few weeks later there was a dream of me driving a vehicle through the woods, then stopping with the door open, the door closing, then driving off, the whole time the Voice was speaking the same name. At this time I was away from where I lived for a month.

Upon my return, there were occurrences in my daily life that reflected in some way, shape, or form, those statements that were spoken of in the visions. And as was noted in the driving vehicle, I was taken from this person at that time.

Now there have been a series of dreams in July, September, and now almost weekly for the last several weeks...

July was a vision of me carrying a loved one, and then kissing the loved one on the forehead in a tender manner.

September, a dream of an intimate encounter with a female, similar to a dream in which this same girl's name was spoken in a still and calm voice.

October, dream 1) a sort of training situation, akin to a job training/orientation. Dream 2) a face of a/the girl resting on my chest. Dream 3) two skylines separated by a distance in which I ask "is that Flint? is that Detroit?" then not being able to afford something due to "fake money."

The dreams are always gray scale and many of them speak to emotional longings.

Any insight would be appreciated.



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