Running Up A Hill

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Running Up A Hill

Post by wiselisa58 on Wed Oct 15, 2014 10:52 am

My dream started out with me leaving one store and going to another store. I had a bag in my hand I decided to walk over to the shoe store. I called my mother on the phone and told her to drive over to the shoe store. I was walking around in the shoe store looking at the shoes. I heard someone come on the intercom and say that the store was closing in 20 minutes. I remembered looking at the purses and then I started running out the store. As I was running I remember coming to a hill and at first I couldn't make it up the hill. So, I went down the hill a little bit. To myself I was saying I can and will do this. So, I found the strength and made it up the hill. Once I made it over the hill I saw it was raining and I saw my mother standing there. I asked her where was the car and she started telling me where it was. Any thoughts.

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