Strange dream.....

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Strange dream.....

Post by exo152 on Tue Oct 14, 2014 10:08 am

I had a strange dream this morning. I wasn't physically in the dream, yet I knew what the man in the dream was thinking, as if I was him (I am a woman, not a man!). In the dream I watched as he quickly gathered up clean clothing, then hid in a storage closet. He was saying to himself, "I have to get changed. They are coming for me and this will be a long journey, so I have to start it in clean clothes, because they will be filthy when I am finished." (I Knew the thought of wearing dirty clothing was distressful to him). Then, as he was dressing he glanced down at his bare feet and realized he had forgotten to get shoes. This distressed him too, as he knew the journey ahead would include walking in rocky areas and would tear at his bare feet. While this was going on, someone came to the locked storage room door, jiggling the handle, then walking away. The man would be so silent while they did it, hoping they wouldn't find him before he was ready. I awoke before he was.
Any ideas? Thanks!
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