2 Chairs Outside Bedroom Window

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2 Chairs Outside Bedroom Window

Post by wiselisa58 on Tue Oct 14, 2014 8:54 am

My dream started out with me looking out my bedroom window and I saw a few people out on the porch. I was going to go outside and confront them because they were not suppose to be on the porch. I was hoping that no one would get mad at me. Then I realized I had my pajamas on and I couldn't go outside with my pajamas on. Then I notice people started jumping off the ledge of the window. This prompted me to walk outside. When I walked outside and I saw 2 chairs outside my bedroom window. I realized that they had been using these chairs to climb up on to reach the window. I grabbed both of the chairs to take them into the house. I remember someone saying who told me I could move those chairs. And I was saying how I would explain why I was moving the chairs. One chair I was going to keep upstairs and one chair I was going to put it down the basement. Then I saw another chair that was wooden and the arm of the chair had been broken. So, I was trying to fix the arm of the chair and put back in the hole that it had came out of. Any thoughts about what a chair may mean.

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