A New Car

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A New Car

Post by callienicolaysen on Sun Oct 12, 2014 1:30 pm

I had a dream once that I saw the temperature gage on my car was orange. I also saw that my engine was on fire.

I also kept seeing an image in my head of my car being towed, but I prayed to God that it wouldn't turn out that way.

Last week the head gasket on my car broke because my car had been overheating and the mechanic said it wasn't fixable because it had destroyed my engine.

So I had been driving my mom's car to work as conveniently for me, my mom hasn't needed the car.

Unfortunately, I haven't listened to my parents advice and haven't saved that much money to buy a new car. So I have a couple thousand dollars saved but that isn't enough to buy a car that is low on miles and relatively brand new. I just ask that you guys please pray that God shows grace and mercy to me by giving me a financial blessing to buy a brand new car. Right now we are interested in buying me a 2013 Honda Fit with 14,000 miles and that is currently on sale. But I would like a financial blessing from God. Thanks ! Also pray for God's strength for me in spending my money wisely!! I love you all!

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