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Post by Dreamer1978 on Tue Jan 13, 2009 7:57 pm

I had a series of dreams, but this one was most clear.... I was at a church, fairly large. I was one of two recording the message on video. There was a large HDTV in front of the altar flashing images. I couldn't make it out. Prayer began so I began to draw closer to a tall woman. She began shaking, and I put out my let arm just in case she falls to the ground. I continued recording. Suddenly, I felt something invisible put its hands around my neck and began chocking me. I fell to the ground, and the spirit dragged me on the floor on my back. I screamed the whole time. Then my pastor/friend came (I perceived it was his church ministry) and started to pray. the spirit began to speak outside of my body as I screamed. Then pastor summoned the men in the church to hold hands and make a circle around me. As they did this the spirit became more violent in me, and shortly after I was delivered from it....

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