Rattle Snakes in a Pit

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Rattle Snakes in a Pit

Post by Drizzt18 on Tue Oct 07, 2014 7:23 pm

My parents' garage is attached to the house and, one of the ways to leave is by the side door of the garage.  This opens up to a cement walk with grass immediately beyond.  It was this location, in the grass, where there was a hole filled with rattle snakes (the number of I am not sure).  They were very active, rattling and striking, and there was another larger one, yellow with black dots, just lying there; no movement at all.  I remember having the heebie geebies about them (in real life they give me the creeps) and going into the garage.  I kept asking someone to please take care of the snakes.  I was then in the garage, walked up to the window in the door and looked out.  The snakes were still there but this time they had a Beagle caught by its' hind legs and the dog was looking up at me.  He did not seem to be in distress; just stood there.  He was mainly brown with white.

I woke up.

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