Baby at the Bottom of swimming pool

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Baby at the Bottom of swimming pool

Post by Seeker38 on Mon Oct 06, 2014 10:15 am

in the dream i went in an area of a swimming pool and there was a male preacher there that I did not recongnize and he was baptizing. i immedatley saw a baby at the bottom of the pool and I was the only one that could see this baby. NO one else could see it and they were looking at me like i was crazy. I jumped in and saved the baby and the baby was still alive. I then went into another part of the dream where I entered a church building and i saw division there was two lines and they were divided and some was going one way and they were crying and i asked them to move to another side and they said they couldn't with no explanation. The pastor then asked me to pray and he was so hurried and could not stop to tell me what was going on.
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