Should I Trust Him?!

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Should I Trust Him?!

Post by callienicolaysen on Wed Oct 01, 2014 6:30 pm

I dreamed that I was on a house boat with a guy I used to know. Me and this guy were alone in the living room. We were both drinking wine. I was wearing no pants and I was wearing his shirt. I noticed that there were a whole bunch of people outside on the balcony area. I noticed his best friend was on the balcony too and I was afraid he would see us about to get intimate because I thought he liked me and I didn't want him to be sad about us getting together.

I then saw myself sitting on a couch with the guy and I was about to kiss him but was unsure if I could trust him. I did end up kissing him though. I then saw myself in an intimate position with this guy with him on top of me and I was about to grab his penis but took my hand away. The guy said, "it's OK, my love. I want you to."

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