Barefeet and Changing Clothes

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Barefeet and Changing Clothes

Post by wiselisa58 on Tue Sep 23, 2014 8:52 am

In my dream I was walking out with some people. I believe we were going to get something to eat. I realized I didnít have any shoes or socks on and I had a pair of shorts on. So, I decided I would go back in to change my clothes and put a pair of shoes on. When I walked back in this man asked me was I done with college. I told him that I was done with college and that I was still looking for a job. (In waking life I am done with college and Iím still looking for a job in my field). He looked surprised when I told him I still hadnít found a job. He was surprised that they had not hired me because I since I worked at the place. So, I started to explain to him how this tech worked there also and they hadnít hired her yet either. (In real life I do work at the place where I would to be employed at as a Registered Nurse and there was a tech who worked there also who wanted a job as a RN at this place). Then the dream went back to me wanting to change my clothes, but I didnít want to change in front of this man. I was waiting for him to leave. I kept thinking how I could change quickly and he wouldnít notice. It was like the more I waited the more people came along. I had the pants in my hand that I was going to change into. I just wanted to do it in privacy. So, I finally decided that I would go to the bathroom to change clothes. Any thoughts.

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