House on Fire

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House on Fire

Post by Glad on Thu Sep 18, 2014 4:34 am

As I am on the way to town I drive by my house with a motor scooter and see what looks like the roof being on fire (tall, bright flames, no smoke). I observe my husband and his employer, that owns the house in the dream and in reality, standing by the house. I see a path that leads straight from our house to the employer's house and to my surprise is well driven. I know the employer is somehow involved in this. As he is insured, I don't worry about him. I also don't worry about my loss. I go to town, do what I have to do and at some point decide I probably should go back. I decide I should go and at least try to get out my papers.

Also, a few days back my daughter dreamt that the employer wanted his house back (which is part of the working agreement between him and my husband) and we all (except my husband) had to leave rather quickly.

Thank you again.

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