A mimosa tree and 4 bedrooms

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A mimosa tree and 4 bedrooms

Post by mebaby333 on Wed Sep 03, 2014 3:40 pm

As I slept I saw a house and walked in with a group of people (5 I believe) from a side entry door. It was a giant rectangular house and it had 2 stories. Now knowing many times in dreams the houses represent ourselves I immediately began asking God " is this my house?" The reality was I was a bit confused... a 2 story house would not be listed in my book of desires.. but the house was beautiful, old yet well taken care of.. I walked through soaking in its character. It was simple yet grand. I turned and found myself upstairs there were 4 rooms. 1 room was of particular interest to me. I fell in love with it. The furniture was minimal, the space was very large and the windows went from the floor to as far as I could see up. I walked over to a window and sat on the beautiful old wood floor and looked out. I saw an amazing tree pressing against the glass. It carried a deep green set of leaves that were flooding it's crown and it sported the most vibrant pink puffy flowers. By this time an older woman came up and I turned to her and said " it's so beautiful" she replied simply " it's like that in the spring". Again I transitioned down stairs and found the people with me were talking of turning it into a 10 bedroom house and I kept trying to find ways that no more walls would be erected so I said let's just put an extra door on the bedrooms and add more beds... mind you throughout this experience I am still asking God whose house this is, He never responded to that question.

I had never seen a tree like that so I Googled tree deep green leaves and pink puff flowers and found it was a mimosa tree. So I ask more questions to God. I told my mom the dream and she simply smiled and said "a mimosa tree". After looking deeper I also found that a mimosa tree is also known as an Acacia tree.
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