A leg wound and keys

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A leg wound and keys

Post by Jazzy on Mon Sep 01, 2014 6:48 am

Hi all,

I would appreciate some help with this dream, in particular the leg wound and the significance of the keys. Excuse me for all the extra details in the mix: In my dream I woke up in the morning and felt some slight leg discomfort. I looked at my left thigh on my quad and a piece of my leg meat was missing; it was a gaping wound. I thought it did not look infected and I did not think much of it because I had so much on my mind. I knew it came from last night but I did not know how it happened. There was a knock at my front door and it happened to be a good friend of mine, Theo, who I recently connected back with (he actually had a ceremonial event yesterday that I attended). I knew he wanted to apologize for a miscommunication that took place yesterday. But I acted like I didn't know and welcomed him in. I asked him what he was here for. He did not answer as he has blown away by my new apartment.

The scene changed. In my dream I knew the setting to still be my apartment but the set up was different. There were people from my job here (medical personnel), almost as if they were working from my home. I asked the pharmacy residents if they knew how I got injured last night but they did not know. I asked them to take a look at my leg, but they became squeamish. I asked two of the elder medical personnel to help me out instead. One of them attended to me and said it was not infected and there was no pus. When I looked at it again it looked bright pink like healthy flesh with no active bleeding. She then squeezed the wound shut and then flipped a piece of skin on top. The wound was no longer open, and she told me to bandage it and that it would heal in no time.

The scene changed and my ex came over. It was just a one day trip for him because he needed to get something. I felt like it was one thing because the number 1 seemed redundant in my thoughts. He asked me for my car keys so he could sit in the car and wait because I took a while doing whatever I was doing. He had to catch a flight back home. At one point I was aware he and Theo met in my apartment.

In another scene I was coming from the parking lot upstairs to my apartment. I walked through my front door (coworkers still here) and one of the pharmacy residents told me I look like a mother (I wondered if she meant with-child because she knows I currently have no children, or maybe she meant a potential mother) and that I look like a queen. I smiled and sort of giggled as that somewhat tickled me. Theo came up the stairs behind me, and he actually had on his handmade native outfit with the nice cloth and patterns. I thought she's really going to think he looks like a king. So it was funny to me that she initially said I looked like a queen, just in my normal clothes, prior to even seeing him.

In the last scene there was some type of party going on at night that was family-related. Theo had left his car keys on a table with me. He is not a large group type of person so I figured he wandered somewhere else that wasn't as crazy. The key was large with the big H on it, symbolizing Honda. On his key chain it said Odyssey (in real life he has a Honda Accord, not an Odyssey). Eventually I decided to leave because there was vomit in front of both entrances/exits and I helped divert the traffic so they wouldn't walk through it. I grabbed his keys, sunglasses and someone said there was another item of his but they couldn't find it. I just left. On my way out, a cousin of mine grabbed my attention to tell me that she was going to visit me in 2 weeks and then asked if I could take a picture of her and her boyfriend. As I walked to my car, there was some sort of competitive team that consisted of 365 members. I thought they should split up their performance into seasons and months as there are 365 days in a year. I walked to where I parked to find my car was gone. I thought my ex probably drove himself to the airport now that it's been 6 hours since his arrival. I was going to text Theo to see where he was but figured I should call since it was more direct. Then I thought maybe he rode with my ex to the airport (perhaps to drop him off). I was panicking and frantic, and then I woke up.

Thoughts about this? I hope it is easy to follow

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