Molested and Engaged friend is Pregnant?

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Molested and Engaged friend is Pregnant?

Post by Destine on Wed Aug 27, 2014 5:59 am

I had a very odd dream last night. I am with my family in church(The church I grew up in, I no longer attend) we are walking to find a table, we want to donate to the Guest speaker. My mom notices my dress has a deoderant stain. I go to one bathroom, however its packed. As I try to open one door, this Guy blocks me but he starts to touch me. I kick him, and he stops. I cut through the daycare,

and I don't realize someone else in the hallway with me. I think he does maitenance, he touches my shoulder, I scream with pain. I finally reach the barhroom, the Guy from earlier is in there and he molests me. I scream loud enough that a few Girls come in.

He leaves, I go find my parents. I tell them what happened, my dad finds Pastor right away.(Since his son was the one who did it). The dream fastforwards, I am in a hotel room with my mom.

She reacives a call from a Family friend, who is engaged and she mentors. She is on loud speaker and says "Mrs. C, I am pregnant." I wake up, IRL: She is engaged to this Guy, but it doesn't seem to be in Gods will. Everything she has tried to do, has been blocked. Any thoughts?
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