2 tornado dreams need interpreted

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2 tornado dreams need interpreted

Post by charlik on Mon Aug 25, 2014 2:51 pm

The 2 dreams are exactly 1 year and 1 month apart.  I do not have the understanding to interpret them but I know there is a specific meaning to them. These are the only two dreams so far that I have had like this where I feel there is a warning/message from God in them. I am 28 years old and married.  My husband is a Pastor and is presently out of the country. I feel that these two dreams are related somehow being that they have similar symbols and are 1 yr 1 month apart. Help is appreciated!

Dream 1 on 7/25/2013
I was at home tornado sirens began going off.  My dad and I were preparing to leave the house the 1st tornado dropped out of a darkened sky about a block away.  We got into the van and began driving~ Along the way a 2nd tornado dropped into a field of wheat and was spinning in place, the grain was fine not being ripped up just blowing as if a gentle breeze were moving through the field.
The 3rd tornado dropped on my side of the car outside the passenger window and dissipated as quickly as it had appeared leaving only swirls of dust.  A 4th tornado dropped in front of the car and moved to my dad's side of the vehicle shaking the car back and forth but then dissipating leaving swirls of dust.  Once we arrived at our location my mom and daughter were there.  My daughter ran up to me and I perched her on my hip, people were ushering us to come inside this warehouse looking type building.  Once inside we were safe, and you knew you were safe.  It was peaceful.

Outside the 5th tornado dropped.  You could see utter chaos...people running to and fro, emergency vehicle sirens going, cars burning etc. And there was a "knowing" that we could not help the people.  There was no way for them to come in as if they could not see the door.  

I turned to say something to my mother and noticed a large fish was being cleaned and prepared to eat. Then I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock.

Dream #2 8/25/2014

Holding my daughter on my hip in the front yard I noticed dark clouds rolling in...I looked up and directly over my head the clouds started rotating and swirling.  I put my daughter down and told her to run inside the house.  A funnel began to drop and I followed into the house. Everyone in the house was calm, nobody seemed bothered by the raging storm outside.  

When it was over and safe to come out.  I walked outside and saw that everyone on our street was cleaning up debris.  I noticed a large tree had been uprooted and was laying on it's side in our front yard.

I found a passport lying in the road with a picture of a fair skinned, blond haired woman in it.  I was going to return it to her house but I couldn't find it...so I started walking home with the intent on searching the internet for her address...and while walking home I woke up.

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Re: 2 tornado dreams need interpreted

Post by dreamster on Tue Aug 26, 2014 1:29 am

um its haveing discernment as to which of the dreams are litral or symbollik, nerd ,,ist drm sounds litral what ,,2nd drm kud another type of storm, ,, nerd check to remember the feelings experianced in each drm see if they match or differ, ,,

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