Received $2300 and College transcript

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Received $2300 and College transcript

Post by Destine on Mon Aug 25, 2014 8:36 am

I am on my way home from school, I check the mail and its from my former College. I read a letter from the Registrar/ "Dear Destine, your grades were compromised. A fellow staff member went into your account on December 23rd. I am sorry this happened, the person responsible was dealt with immediately. I have also checked with the Financial department, we owe your morn $1,600 and you $500.00. I also included a $200 giftcard for your enjoyment. Please forgive us." My transcript has no failing grades, I have As and one C+. IRL: I received high markings and then my final grades were very low. Two teachers didn't give me the grade I had, one teacher felt I didn't tell enough in my testimony. The other professor hated my guts. This is the 2nd dream I had(about this) could This be a sign?
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