A sequence of dreams

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A sequence of dreams

Post by unaday* on Mon Jan 12, 2009 1:17 pm

Lastnight i had dream that was in a car- the interior was cream leather seats - just beautiful! My fiance was driving, my pastor was in the passenger seat and my brother was close to the front with them in a sort of middle seat. I was sitting in the back. I was at peace. It was an EXTREMLY sunny bright day. We were enjoying our company we were all having fun! i looked down at my ring. It shone bright as can be! The only different was that the four corners had high bars about 4 centimeters high- they were like bars to guard the ring. I was like wow..beautiful. I knew it was guarding. My fiance and i made eye contact thru the rear view mirror and smiled. Beautiful day.

Woke up. Fell back asleep.

I dreamt that I was on my bed and one of my coworkers(he represents the union for our workplace) was talking about some meeting we all will be having with our union workers! then his phone rang and he went to take it. I needed a drink of water as i was about to take a vitamin. In the dream this water fountain had 3 choices of water. It said (tin water- best for plants but can be taken), or you can take regular water, or a warmer water. I thought of choosing the tin water is seemed like it would be nice and refreshing but i changed my mind and went with the regular water. Now my coworker is about to hand me the phone and i put the pill in my mouth and then the water to swallow. BUT THE PILL WOULDN't GO DOWN! I almost choked on it and then ended up spitting it back into the water. the water was clear. Then it switched to me having to go the union office on behalf of my office. I had one of those trawlies a mail clerk would use and it was full of files. I got to the building and a woman came to help me. she said ' you don't have to take the stairs! there is an elevator with the number 4 that will make it easier for you" so i went around the the corner to find the eleveator. I couldn't find it and when to ask the customer service desk.

Woke up. Fell back asleep.

I dream now that i was in a mall. I was pushing a baby in a stroller. I could not see the baby the stroller was black. It was extremly heavy so i struggled to push it around. I passed by a teenage girl with a baby. I said "oh no the people in themall are going to think i am a teen mom too and i don't want that" (i look young). Then i said let me make sure that my engagement ring is showing so maybe the would know the baby (heavy heavy baby) wasn't mine. I stopped in front of the jewellery store. i put my hand up to fix the ring. THE DIAMOND WAS MISSING! I shook my head and said i must be dreaming. I looked again. THE DIAMOND WAS MISSING! And then realized it was stolen!

I woke up by my fiance calling my phone. Told him the dreams and Went back to sleep.

Any thoughts? We (fiance and I have been praying in the spirit about this!)

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