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Bus Issues

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sun Aug 10, 2014 2:45 am

I dreamt that I was riding on a school bus with many other people. I was seated all the way in the back - 2nd row from the back door on the driver's side. I was sitting by the window while a male friend (possibly even one of my brothers) sat next to me.

A woman about my age got on the bus. She made her way towards the back near where I was sitting. I was thinking that this was something I wouldn't have to deal with since there were already two of us in my seat, making it full. However, right before she reached my seat, my friend/brother jumped up from his place and popped into the seat behind me. The woman then took his place in the open spot next to me. I felt like my friend/brother had set me up or played some kind of trick on me. It also felt familiar - like this was something I should have expected from him. Now I had to deal with sitting next to this woman for the rest of the bus ride.

There wasn't much for interaction between us. I knew that this woman liked me. I wasn't exactly disinterested - it was more like indifference. I thought about how I was feeling and how this woman didn't seem all that bad. I began to think that I should consider giving her a chance.

My attention shifted towards what the bus was doing. We were on a road in my town that I drive nearly everyday on my way to work. There's a split in the median where traffic from ramps leading off of/onto a bridge that's overhead can access either direction of this road. We were headed in one direction, and the driver was going to pass through this split, turning us around to head the other way. Regular cars could do this, but I felt that the bus was just too big to make such a tight turn. As we attempted this, my thoughts were a few seconds ahead of what was happening, like it was playing out in my mind before it actually happened. I thought that the bus was going to roll onto its side from a combination of the tight turn and lifting up over the curb of the median. Sure enough, it rolled onto the driver's side. Now we needed to wait until help would arrive.

My situation changed slightly. I was now in the last row by the rear exit. The driver made his way back to this door and pointed out that it was my responsibility to open it since I was sitting in the seat closest to the door. He began to explain how to work the latch, but I was already looking at it to figure it out for myself. I opened the door and we began to exit the bus.

At this point, I knew that the help that was coming was going to attach some kind of ropes or cords to the top of the bus and then pull it back upright onto its wheels. I also felt like we'd be expected to help with this.

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