Infection Healed

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Infection Healed

Post by astra on Wed Jul 23, 2014 4:33 pm

My husband cut his finger and it got infected. It got red, very sore and white pus was gathering under the skin. It's not a huge deal, but we went for his check up appointment the next day. He had stem cells transplant few months ago. I never thought about it until the doctor asked if he had any infections. My husband said "no". And then I realized that this infected finger might of been an attempt to make us think that his immune system was gone ad he might start having infections now. Funny thing was - he had cuts before and none of them got infected except for this one right before doc's appointment.

I quickly took authority over this infection, called it a lie and commanded all the germs to die, infection to dry up and finger to be healed. In my spirit right away I knew that I knew that I knew it was done as I said.

The next morning all pus was gone completely, redness gone down and finger was moving well. The next day there was no sign of any infection whatsoever, He could pinch and squeeze that finger right where it was cut before and absolutely no pain!

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Re: Infection Healed

Post by Cholette on Wed Jul 23, 2014 8:14 pm

Yes Lord!!! Beautiful testimony. We have to know our authority and use it because everything outside of the word of God must BOW to authority of our covenant through Jesus Christ.

I love it...praise God!!!!

Do not fight FOR victory, but fight FROM THE PLACE of victory. Jesus has ALREADY won the battle!


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