Almost shot at, gun pointed at me, gunman

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Almost shot at, gun pointed at me, gunman

Post by Jazzy on Wed Jul 23, 2014 1:20 pm

I recently came back from a medical missions trip. While I was there, I noticed the lack of dreams I had (I only remember 2 dreams of the 8 nights I was there). Upon arrival back to the states, the dreams started rolling in again. Here is one of the dreams I would like some insight on:

In my dream it was as if I returned to the site where the medical missions was. It was as if we were in a castle-like setting I've never seen before, and we had to walk down these winding castle stairs. One of my group members said something along the lines of seeing ghosts while walking down. I really did not want to do walk down there, but everyone else was going to. I reluctantly followed. I could see the ghosts appearing in and out of visibility and I was a little scared. I closed my eyes multiple times. We all made it down to a room, and it appeared to be "local peoples" there I met on my medical missions trip. Something that stood out to me in the dream was that one of the local brigade leaders actually spoke to me (during my trip the local brigade member stopped talking only to me out of the entire group of people we went with; we are all still unsure of the reasoning behind this).

The dream transitioned and I was going to leave the area we were all in to go to a store. The owner told me his store was open, but a local told me the store was closed. I told the local that the owner said it was open, and I followed the owner to his store. I entered the store first while the owner was doing something outside, but there was already a customer inside (a white man). I quickly noticed the customer looked suspicious, and I saw him maneuver to pull out a gun. Before he fully unconcealed it, I was already walking backwards towards the parking lot and other side of the building. The owner said oh no, and I understood it to mean something like don't bring that trouble near me, because I was walking towards the owner. The armed customer came outside to where I was and pointed the gun at me about 100 ft away. I dropped down on my knees. I was going to give him all I had inside my clutch purse using one hand and keeping the other hand raised, but the contents just would not come out of my clutch purse. The armed man became angrier and I could see his finger slowly tugging at the trigger. I was nervous trying to shake the contents out of my clutch purse, but nothing was coming out. At that point I came to terms with getting shot and knew that it would pierce right through my head. Suddenly, a bottle of water (no idea how that fit in there) came out and then the rest of the contents in my purse fell out immediately behind it. I only recall seeing my passport come out other than the bottled water. When the gunman saw everything come out, he retracted and put his gun down. I jumped out of my sleep. I had diarrhea when I woke up too possibly from a complimentary glass of wine I had the night before.

I never had a dream where I was ok with dying or ok with being overcome by some obstacle. Almost always there's a way out, in which there was thankfully here, but I never came to terms with dying in my dreams before. That was very different and scary for me. Thoughts about this?

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