A woman speaking in a demonic language?

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A woman speaking in a demonic language?

Post by Destine on Wed Jul 16, 2014 12:44 pm

I had a very odd dream last night: I was helping around my church with a friend. We go inside the sanctuary and she begins to say "I can't be in here." I thought the loud music was too much for her. We went to the bathroom, her mom comes out of the stall. My friend begins to cry, she looks white as paper. Her mom starts saying things, but not in tongues but like in demonic tongues or something. Her mom tries to slap her, she ends up hitting me. The next part of the dream takes place at school. I'm studying with a friend for finals, the next thing I know I'm crying to my roommate, telling her the guy raped me. Now, I know this part has to be symbolloc, because I know the Guy IRL and he would never do this. Any ideas?
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