Dreaming of someone threatening me

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Dreaming of someone threatening me

Post by youngpropheticvoice on Sat Jun 28, 2014 10:36 am

I had a dream. I was in a 1980's big sedan some kind of GM that was in perfect shape driving with a friend and her father. As I was driving a man who had defrauded me recently starts to call a california cell phone number on my phone from my old Canadian cell phone number. I ignore the call as I didn't want to get a ticket for using my cell phone while driving and didn't have hands free. Well the man tried calling over and over again and finally my friend answered the phone. When she answered the phone, I heard her being very sweet and kind to the man, and all I could hear him say is give me Mike, I am suing Mike, he took this phone number and never gave it back to me. I gave him this phone number I am suing him for huge amounts of money. Give me his address I need his address. She was very sweet about it and said ummm Mike is busy driving now and I am not giving you his address. Infuriated even more he kept threatening my friend and she refused at every turn. I then saw the guy in the dream call my dad's business line, and he started to yell at my father demanding to know how to get my address. My dad said very kindly to him you took nearly $10000 from my son, you have done nothing to repay him and you are now accusing him. Good bye you are a defrauder and a cheater and a thief. Infuriated again he tried my California number, and got my friend again on the phone. He tried to be manipulative to her and tried again to get my address stating he was sending money to settle the indebtedness and needed my address for that purpose. She said if you really want to send it to him send it in an internet transfer, I am not giving you his address. Her dad then heard the discussion and said asked her to give him the phone. Her dad who can come across very strong, said very ubruptly to him, "Sir you have defrauded my son in law and your harassment will end now! You are not getting his address period! You will repay the full amount immediately! If you do not cease and desist, the Lord is telling me to tell you not only are you going to lose your marriage, but you are going to lose everything. The Lord has seen your ways..."and all of a sudden the man hung up the phone. The girls father then called him back again and the call went right to his voice mail, and finished the word. "If you do not repent and make this situation right God will remove his hand of protection from you fully and you are in danger of severe repercussions that will affect every bit of your life. " With that he hung up the phone and we continued to drive along our way.

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