Gave birth to triplets

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Gave birth to triplets

Post by mmotl on Mon Jun 23, 2014 4:06 am

I had a dream maybe a month or so ago that I gave birth to triplets. I was in my studio apartment sitting in my recliner chair when I suddenly was giving birth. I hadn't been pregnant. I birthed them myself and remember I held one in my hand and it was the size of my hand. I held it up to make sure it was breathing. I remember feeling intense love for this baby. Then the dream jumped to me sitting with friends (only one of them was someone I knew) in a room I didn't recognize and talking to them about how I had just given birth to these triplets but had no idea how I was going to raise them in my small apartment. I woke up feeling stressed because I felt stressed in the dream about trying to take care of these babies in such a small space.

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