Dressing Room

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Dressing Room

Post by wiselisa58 on Tue May 27, 2014 8:57 am

In my dream I was going to the dressing room to try on 4 garments.  After I had taken off my shirt a group of people came through the dressing room.  I tried covering myself up.  Once, they left out of the dressing room, I continued to try on my clothes.  Then I saw this man knocking out the window or the door.  (There was a clear glass window there where I could see out and he could see in).  As he was knocking I was telling him that he couldn’t come in because I was changing clothes. I was able to cover myself up with a bathrobe.  He managed to get in and he said he was looking for some things to take.  He left out saying that he would be back.  So, I grabbed the clothes and I ran out of the dressing room. I came out wearing a dress.  I told the lady that let me in the dressing room what had happened and I told her that he was coming back to rob the place.  She got up to notify the police.  As I was sitting in the chair I kept thinking to myself that I had left my purse in the dressing room.  I was also hoping that I was right about the man coming and robbing the place, since they had notified the police.  The lady turned and told me I was right because here they come.  I saw him coming and grabbing this stuff.  Then I saw him with my purse in his hand, so I went and grabbed it out of his hand.  The dream ended from there.  Any thoughts.

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