Sampling every cruise ship...

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Sampling every cruise ship...

Post by Shan on Thu May 08, 2014 9:24 pm

I dreamed that I was on a destination cruise. It was a  big cruise ship that docked in the middle of the ocean, then everyone got to choose which smaller cruise ship they wanted to board. Every one of the other cruise ships had different themes or purposes, such as, one may cater to water sports and another fine dining, etc.  I looked amidst the people and saw a friend that I went to high school with. She betrayed me IRL and there is a faint fear of what it will be like if I ever see her again. I noticed that she still looked beautiful as she did in high school. I think she saw me, but we didn't talk.
Back to the smaller cruise ships, I somehow knew that there were 10 choices and I chose to sample each one of them for a little while, instead of choosing only one.  It was only later that I realized that maybe I wasn't supposed to do that. I was talking with someone from one of the boats and she asked me which boat I chose. I said, "I chose all 10." She said, "You did what!?" No one ever told me I couldn't do that. I was just excited to sample everything there was to offer. I really enjoyed myself! Lol! EOD
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