Some kind of wierd relationship

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Some kind of wierd relationship

Post by Daisy on Tue May 06, 2014 5:55 am

I dont know how to describe this, so I will do my best while its fresh in my mind. I was in some kind of wierd relationship with this guy who was taking care of me and some other people. We were in this house. We all had our own beds in the same room. There was a mom from my daughters school there with me. I was standing up, doing something in the room. She climbed up in my bed, (it was a queen or king) and crawled under the covers and was just chatting with me. There was nothing sexual about this, or uncomforable. Then she realized there was stuff on the sheets. She was like gross, is this poop?? It was actually remnants of my daugher who vomited. Not sure if I communicated this to her or not. (ps daughter came home from school irl yest bc she vomitted at school. She is totally fine today.)

scene change
I was in the other girls bed (again, nothing sexual), she was not in there. This was a twin sized bed. I knew that whoever this guy was that was takng care of us, that he would ration our food. That fruit was a rarity. It wasn't a matter of not having enough, but a matter of controlling the people in the house. There was an apple this mom had near her bed, and I helped myself and started eating it. I feel like she had been in this house longer than me, and she was filling me in on the ropes and how things go. I seen a younger guy, prob in his twenties sleeping in the same room, in a twin bed. I picked up on favoritism with this guy who was in charge. He would treat some of the women better than others. I overheard him asking one of the women if she would like to go get sushi with him.

IRL this mom and I, along with 8 others, went to a rescue mission to serve the homeless people. We did this a couple of weeks ago. They had twin bunks, and beds along side one another like this. It was a great experience, but it brought back really where I came from in my life. I have been saved for so long, that sometimes I forget the darkness that God delivered me from. A lot of these women and children at this mission come from abusive relationships. I grew up seeing my mom physically and emotionally abused by her husband. A huge portion of the people at the mission also suffer from addiction. I grew up in a home with much drug and alcohol abuse. I live such a good life now, its hard to see people this struggle up close and personal again. I reminds me that this could have very easily been me at this mission, if God wouldn't have resucued me! It really brought a graditude back, that I kind of put aside, blocking out where I came from. It was a very emotional experience for me. I think in the future, I would like to serve in a greater capacity at this facility. It is a christian organization, and they are bringing Christ to the broken. Though, I don't think they are a spirit filled church/organization. I think this is prob what my dream was regarding, this facility...but Im not sure what else I am supposed to get out of the dream.

Any Thoughts/interps

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