Being drugged at a college party?

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Being drugged at a college party?

Post by Destine on Mon May 05, 2014 1:12 pm

It's the day of my college orientation, I meet my roommate who has brown hair and tells me that her parents work for Louis Vuitton. We hit it off, we decide to go to the grocery store. While in the check out, the cashier tells me to be careful. I just nodded my head because it made no sense.
When we arrive on campus, a few baseball players invite us to a party. We ask if we would be the only Girls there, they said no and it was for all the incoming Freshman. We put our things away and decide to attend. I accept a drink from one of the Baseball players, I end up passing out. I wake up to find the police standing in the room interviewing my roommate. The room is filled with Orange smoke.
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