A Fire and a burnt hole in a floor at a Veterinarians buiding.

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A Fire and a burnt hole in a floor at a Veterinarians buiding.

Post by steadygaze on Mon May 05, 2014 9:11 am

Interesting dream


There was something wrong with my dog not sure what it was. So I took my dog to a vet in a small town where I was. Then all of a sudden my dog shows up when she is suppose to be at the vets. I am wondering why or even how she found me and what happened to the veterinarians. Then I had heard that the vet hospital caught on fire and some how my dog escaped. So I had a heart to go help and find where this place was in this little country like town I was at just passing through or something and I was with a friend who I do not know in real life. It is funny because I did not know where I dropped my dog off at the vets so I had to try and find it to help them in this fire. Anyway as we are driving I see this old looking western building in this downtown area of this town, everything looked so western like,like in the movies. I come across this Veterinarian place and it looked like it was once on fire and it had a strange round burnt circle all the way around the floor and through the floor. It almost looked like the Vet building was two stories and there was an underneath basement or something. So we thought oh this might be it. So we get out of the car to see if they needed help or something. We go inside and there is a lady in a white vets doctor jacket and she asks if she can help us as if nothing had caught on fire when it was obvious there was or had been a huge fire there.  what  We asked her if her Vets Hospital just caught on fire and I explained I took my dog to a Vet and some how my dog escaped and found me and their place caught on fire. She said, "No, " this fire here had happened years ago." I am thinking, well why did'nt she get it fixed. She was still practicing taking care of animals there. Then she asked if she could look at my dog and see if there is a problem or not. She was real pleasant and full of life and light of the Lord.  Hummm scratching chin
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