Looking Out The Window And Seeing My Car Door Opened

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Looking Out The Window And Seeing My Car Door Opened

Post by wiselisa58 on Tue Apr 29, 2014 12:16 pm

In my dream, I was looking out of my living room window and I saw that my car door was opened. Then I saw that this man get out of my car. I was standing there trying to figure out how he had got in my car because I knew my car doors were locked. To myself I was saying that he had broken out the window. Then I saw him going to the other car that I drive. I could see him looking in it trying to figure out how to get in, so I ran into the room and got the keys. I was trying to hit the panic button so he would know that I was in the house. I was pressing the key, but at first it wasnít doing anything. I eventually got it to work and it got his attention. I went and got my father, so he could go outside with me. We were on our way outside until I realized I had my pajamas on. I didnít want anyone to see me with them on so, I went into my room and changed my clothes. Then I was looking for a jacket and I ended up putting on this Budweiser jacket, which I donít own in real life. I was saying to myself that my daddy was going to ask me why I was wearing a beer jacket. As I was walking, someone told me I needed to be employed within 2 weeks. Any thoughts.

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