Dream of pelican church

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Dream of pelican church

Post by Laprincesa on Sat Apr 26, 2014 12:00 pm

I dreamed that my husband and I were walking along a highway/road and sat down on the side of the road on a cement bench to rest. all of a sudden a group of young--looked like twelve or thirteen year olds were walking in our direction on the same road. they were rowdy and looked like they were looking for trouble. there were 2 walking behind the group and when they spotted us they signaled to each other, "lets' get them! they ran to the group as if to point to us and I knew that they were going to attack us. I grabbed my pocketbook and got ready to defend myself by hitting them with it. but before I could do that a friend of mine named Gloria appeared and began talking to them and they backed away. she grabbed the one that had pointed at us and brought him to his knees and began to put his head in the sand with one hand and at the same time
pouring sand on him with her other hand. I went towards the group, pocketbook in hand, to confront them, but they looked like they didn't want any trouble so I went back to my friend and my husband. by this time the kids were gone and my friend had gone inside of a building. my husband had followed her to ask about what she was doing. when I found them she was explaining to him what the building was and what she did there. the building was a cement block bldg. and it looked like we were in the basement part of it.-- it was empty of furniture and people. She went into another room apparently to get something and I wanted to leave but in trying to leave we went into a small closet by mistake. At that time she came back and saw us and said, "Oh there you are! I need to tell you something". She pulled out a small notepad from her pocket--it looked like an appointment pad used in offices--she said, "you need to go to the Pelican Church" . and she wrote it
down. I thought where is that!? and as if she heard me, she answered, "that's in Massachusetts". and she wrote it down. awoke!
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