Taking care of unexpected guests

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Taking care of unexpected guests

Post by exo152 on Thu Apr 17, 2014 8:51 pm

I dreamed last night that my son's former friend and his girlfriend were at our house and stayed the night. They slept in the living room on separate couches and the next morning as I was fixing breakfast I could hear them arguing. When the guy came toward the kitchen I asked if everything was okay and he said, "Oh, I am fine, but she is having a heart attack. Not to worry, she had one last week, too." His voice was very emotionless and uncaring. I then went to the bathroom and saw her getting around. I noticed she had very short shorts on and I was shocked at her legs. They were very hairy, almost completely covered in dark, coarse hair and she walked stiff-legged.

The house in the dream was not my house, nor any house I have ever been in. And irl, my son and this friend haven't spoken in a year or more, due to a choice my son made that his friend didn't agree with. And my son was not in the dream. Any ideas? Thanks!
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