two baby dreams

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two baby dreams

Post by unfailing_love on Thu Apr 17, 2014 1:36 am

Hi everyone I've recently had 2 baby dreams. in the first one I was in my bedroom and a black puppy would come through my window frequently and I would play with it. It then turned into a male toddler and he had to leave through the window and I was worried because I live on the fourth floor and it is dangerous to go to the house next door by climbing through the window.

In the second dream a couple of days later I had adopted a baby boy (he looked just like the one in the previous dream) but he came in a cage and when I opened the door he started running away and I chased him but couldn't catch him. He then jumped into a pool and I waited on the edge calling him as he swam happily. Then a different boy came to me but I realised it was the wrong one so I kept calling the other one and he eventually came to me.
A thought then popped into my head: 'fire is not always the answer; sometimes water is what it takes to melt a heart.'

Its also worth noting that the baby was african american and I am caucasian.

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