was handed two silver keys

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was handed two silver keys

Post by promisedchild on Mon Apr 14, 2014 6:19 pm

I had dreamed that I was at this apartment complex and it was summertime, I saw that it was beginning to get late and I forgot how I walked into a certain part. I ran into a lady and I asked her to help me I told her I was there to write a story on sports and she said so you want me to help you write a story about sports and you didn't even stay in our room? I in turned said but if you help me I can write about the lady that owns this building that helped me get back to where I came from. she gave me a ride and gave me a silver key. we get halfway to my destination and we stopped at this 5/3 baseball stadium filled with people and that part of the dream was really bright. I sat down at the counter and she had me write my name in calligraphy handwriting and at the bottom was the words good luck and she gave me another silver key and as I was signing my name she whispered in my ear remember write softly. and the person behind the counter was getting excited that I was signing this certificate I remember saying I didn't want to fold it because I wanted to show my husband and put it in a frame so I placed it inside this book.
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