My Great Aunt's House

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My Great Aunt's House

Post by wiselisa58 on Wed Apr 09, 2014 12:44 pm

In my dream I was in my great aunts neighborhood. I was outside walking and I was going to walk up the street until I noticed the dog. I stopped looking at the dog then I saw that the dog noticed me, so I turned around to go back to the house. As Iím running I noticed that I donít have any shoes on. And itís like all these cats keep coming in my path as Iím trying to get back to the house. One cat I was I saying get. Then there was this one cat that wouldnít move at first and I was saying how on my street that the cats ran when they saw us coming. After that cat moved I noticed that it was another cat lying on the ground and I didnít want to get to close to it since I didnít have shoes on. I finally made it in the house. When I first got in the house I put on a pair of shoes.
As I was looking around the house I realized that the house had been remodeled. The walls had been painted green and there was brown furniture in the living room. I could see my mother vacuuming the floor. I believe that my mother and I went by to check on my great aunts house. Then all of sudden this man came in the house carrying groceries and a woman was behind him. I was caught by surprise because I didnít know anyone was living in the house. To myself I was trying to come up with reasons why I was in the house. I wanted to give them a reason why we were in the house, but I couldnít come up with anything. The woman ended up asking us did we have anywhere to stay and I told her yes. Then I told her that this was my great aunts house and we didnít know if the house had sold. Any thoughts.

In real life my great aunt past away a few years ago. After she passed away I used to go and check on her house before it was put up for sale.

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