Several Bus Dreams and a Vehicle Dream

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Several Bus Dreams and a Vehicle Dream

Post by db407 on Wed Apr 09, 2014 8:46 am

Recently I am dreaming a lot and sometimes multiple dreams in the night

I keep dreaming bus dreams which I dont understand or am failling to interpret

I dreamt we and other people were travelling in a Bus, when the bus was about to cross a river the river suddenly became and the bus just missed it. However the bus driver died and I was then responsible of directing another driver but I wasnt sure where the bus was going as the Driver that died had all the details. This was a tour bus going to a Resort town. Got to the resort town and I went to see the small hotel manager if they can accommodate 50 people and I explained to the manager about the bus. They accommodated us, in the morning as they were making breakfast I said don't put breakfast for each person in a plate as this will take too long, put the bread in one big dish and the people can serve themselves.

Another Dream, I dreamt I was a passenger in a Bus in the front seat behind the driver. As the bus was moving, the bus started to go up (like an lift in a building going straight up), the bus went to high and it came down crushing in the river below. There was blood everywhere , I was under the seat. As I got up this man walked towards me as if to help me and I thought to myself I thought everyone was dead.

Another dream. I was driving up a hill in a tunnel and my car suddenly stopped moving. I pressed the gas but it wasn't moving. The 2 front wheels had disappeared as if they melted. I got out and called a Rescue company and they said they would get back to me. My husband then called me and he said the Rescue company I had called will charge me more, the Holy Spirit has revelead this to him and that I was stuck

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