In The Library Searching For A Book

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In The Library Searching For A Book

Post by wiselisa58 on Tue Apr 08, 2014 9:38 am

My dream started out with me reading a book in the library. I believe that the book was in the children’s section and the book was pretty interesting, but I don’t remember exactly what the book was about.  I remember observing the books and looking at how they were neatly organized.  After observing the books I started looking for a particular book.  I believe the book was supposed to be about people.  So, I started looking for the section titled people.  As I was looking I saw a man I knew. I ended up asking someone if they knew where the book was and they directed my attention to a particular aisle.  I started looking for the book and I saw this man and I told him the book was in that section.  I was focused on one book for a while.  Then I got up to look in this big book to see what the book was about.  It looked like a big reference book that contained information on all the books in the library. There were a set of keys in front of the book. I remembered looking under the letter N.  What does it mean when you are searching in the library for a book?  Any thoughts.

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